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Buy a Cuban Pig Roasting Box (Caja China Grill)


whole pig roast grill

Click Here for more details about or to purchase an authentic Caja China, better known as a Cuban whole pig roasting box (caja asadora). 


Shipping is Free!  Approx size 48" x 24" 20" Professional style. Lined with stainless steel and built with treated wood.


Charcoal heated for that true roasted flavor. Complete with handles and wheels for easing moving. Easy to clean with no electrical components. Simple assembly needed. Includes 4 oven mitts and PVC cover.

If you want to find out how to roast a pig in your backyard the authentic Cuban way, you will definitely find out with this handy whole pig roast grill. Find out why Cuban barbeques are such a big hit in Miami, from the succulent pork falling off of the bone to the tasty crisp pig skin. Some Cubans will try to learn how to build a pig roast box, but this cooker makes a great investment

Typical staples of a Cuban Christmas Eve party include the lechon asado (roasted pig), Moros y Cristianos (Black beans and rice), and plenty of Cuban cider to drink. The most important tradition is to have a real pig roast. The day before Christmas Eve, a nice pig would be selected, slaughtered, cleaned and would begin marinating for the cookout the roast the next day. Roasting your own pig is a big undertaking, but its incredibly worthwhile and the taste will blow you away if done correctly. Most Cubans living in the U.S. will purchase an 80 pound pig (maybe 100 lbs if you plan on feeding over 70 people with single servings) from their local butcher store. If you ask your butcher about pigs for this specific purpose, odds are that they will know what you're looking for. So get started on your grilling adventure!


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Info on buying a pig rosting box, aka caha china, a spit grill used to rost whole suckeling pigs. Coming soon: free info on how to build a pig roasting box, make a roasting grill.

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