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Cuban Guayabera Shirt & Mexican Wedding shirts

This historically pleated shirt, also commonly known as a Mexican wedding shirt, has an origin that is always the subject of debate. It's pretty hard to find a quality and authentic Cuban guayabera for sale online, but I purchased a few for from an online Cuban store (click here for the site). 


traditional Mexican wedding shirt

That store has a wide variety of clothing from Cuba that you can buy.  Their website sells everything from short sleeve guayabera shirts, to the long sleeved Mexican wedding shirts.  Both styles are embroidered, or without embroidering and pleats.  I'm not an owner of that site, nor do I work for it, but they let me grab some of the shirt photos from their website (at left and below).

Most of these shirts are machine washable, but you can have them dry cleaned if you like. Some of the brands that they carry include the Havana company clothing line, Supreme International, Romani, Cubavera shirts.  I'm personally a big fan of the Cubavera line, because they carry extra large sizes for big and tall people (like yours truly).

The shirt fabrics include Chinese linen, silk, denim, and rayon. These are also what people consider the bowling shirts that older gentleman often wear, or the kind of shirts that Tony Soprano typically wore on the HBO show "The Sopranos."


I prefer the tropical camp shirts or four pocket shirts with the embroidery, or you can get them without the traditional pleats that you'd find on most Cuban shirts.  Or even the ones worn in the Philippines and Mexico, specifically the Yucatan peninsula.


The Mexican Wedding shirts and Cuban Guayabera shirt can be purchased online in the following colors: white black gray (grey) green purple maroon ivory pink midnight blue light blue sky blue forest green incense canary yellow.


A few of the shirt sites also carry unusual or nontraditional colors for guayaberas and wedding shirts like royal sapphire aquamarine pink chartreuse orange rose violet teal aqua red and stripes.

Some of the more  obscure colors for Havana Cuban guayabera shirts include azure burgundy burnt umber sienna brown cardinal chocolate chestnut cerulean cyan cornflower blue eggplant and fuchsia.

Cuban guayabera shirt


You can also buy a Mexican wedding shirt or Cuba four pocket shirt in gold goldenrod magenta khaki lime lemon mint green mustard navajo white navy blue ochre old lace olive drab peach periwinkle and pumpkin colors. Other colors for these shirts include robins egg blue rust scarlet salmon saffron slate sepia ultramarine and viridian.

So if you want one of the shirts, click here for the online Cuban store I use.



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Considering that guayabera is a Spanish word, typically spelling errors for it include guayaber guayabea guaybera guyabera and gauyabera. General misspellings for the Cubavera line of shirts include cubaver cubavea cubvera embroidred cubvera embroiered cuavera kubavera cubavara cubabera and cubaverra.