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Cuban Coffee Recipe - How to Make Authentic Cafe Cubano

There are two methods to making coffee the Cuban way: the traditional method using a metal stovetop espresso pot, or with an electric espresso machine. While the stovetop method takes longer, it's certainly the authentic method.  You can find a stovetop espresso maker at most online Cuban stores.


Prep Time: 5 minutes - Cook Time: 5 minutes - Total Time: 10 minutes

1. Using an espresso machine, add the desired amount of finely ground coffee. Common Cuban-style brands sold in American supermarkets or Latin grocery stores include Bustelo, Pilon, and La LLave.


You can also purchase fresh whole coffee beans from supermarkets, any dark roast Colombian brands will work best for Cuban coffee. I used to grind whole beans at the store, but you can find grinders at retail stores for $15. Do NOT store your ground coffee in a freezer, but do keep it in a cool place away from sunlight.

2. For every demitasse cup of coffee you plan on making, use a teaspoon of sugar. The key to Cuban coffee is that it be very sweet. The trick here is to put the sugar into the glass carafe before you even brew the coffee.

3. Brew the coffee just as you would an espresso. The coffee will pour over the sugar in the carafe as it begins to brew. After it is finished filling the carafe, stir it briskly as there will still be a little undissolved sugar. Pour the coffee into several demitasse cups and enjoy.

For Cafe con Leche, simply use 2 parts Cuban Coffee to 1 part steamed milk.


how to make Cuban coffee


A Note about Cuban Coffee and Demitasse Cups

Can you drink Cuban coffee from a regular-sized cup? Of course! But I'm definitely one of those people that loves drinking cafe Cubano from a small demitasse cup. Over the years I've collected a few different sets. When company comes over, it's a fun experience to serve guests using those cups.


Some cups were given to me as gifts, others I bought from Cuban Food Market. If you can't find Cuban style coffee in your city, you can buy it online from either the food market or The Cuban Store.

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